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We give you a one on one personalize consultation on what type of model you are and where to submit your photos. We help you find your niche and put a 90 day plan of action together to help you advance faster. We offer over the phone consultations and in office. Fill out the form below today to set up your very own talent consultation!

Model Consultation Form
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General Information
What type of work do you currently do?
How long have you been in that field?
How long have you have been trying to break into the industry?

Are you satisfied with your entertainment career?

Have you done a major assignments, work, commerical print or runway show, etc?

How much total money you think you spent to start your career?
Do you model,act,entertain full-time?
If no why not?
Do you feel you could do better in your career?
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What are you trying to achieve from all of this?
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Skin Specifics

What is your skin type?            

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*Extremely oily   *Combination

Skin Concerns:

How often do you wash your face?

Once a day    twice a day   Several times   

Not at all use water only

Do you have facials?
Are you under a dermatologist care? If yes, for
Are you currently using: Retina A - Retinol - Accutane

What skincare products are you using now? Please be specific.Put N/A if it do not apply

Eye Cream
Do you like the products you are using?

Do you smoke?

Do you use sun screen or sun block daily?

Do you take medication?

Do you take vitamins?

Do you wear makeup?Daily Sometimes, No Only on special occasions
Do you think your skin is the best it can be?
How do you feel about your appearance?
What are your two pressing skin concerns?
Are you concerned with your weight? If yes why?
Do you exercise? Yes No If yes how often
What is your biggest concern with your body?

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