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Your portfolio is your passport

A portfolio is a book of your work with professionally taken pictures. However new models can have a “look book” of professionally taken pictures in various outfits, looks, make-up and expressions.

Consider your portfolio (or "look book") as your passport to the modeling world as without one you will not be taken seriously and it is going to be very difficult for you to go anywhere.A good book gives potential employers something to look at so they can visualize you in their upcoming shoot and make an informed decision. Your portfolio (or "look book") is your first step to enter into the fashion world and it needs to be handled very carefully. It should highlight your beauty, moods, expressions and emotions.

Your career can get off to a flying start, or suffer a slow death - all based on the way you visually present yourself starting day one.

The quality of the photos in your book is critically important. A great portfolio shot by an experienced photographer not only enhances your chance of getting a break in fashion industry it also gives you confidence.

Do not shoot with amateur photographers as this will as this will not give you quality on-camera experience.

Shooting with amateurs will teach you bad habits that are very hard to break.

Plus, you will never know where your pictures will turn up weeks months or years later.

Do not waste time, do not waste money and do take chances with your personal safety or your career."

TFP" situations are almost always a waste of time and potentially dangerous. Anyone can buy a camera, make some business cards and claim to be a "professional photographer."Get in front of someone at a real agency, go on and on about how wonderful "TFP" photo sessions are - and watch how quickly (and often loudly) you are shown the door and asked to leave.

Why you are not working?

Can't figure out why you're not getting any modeling jobs? "IT'S YOUR BOOK."

Not sure why you're not getting booked as much as you would like? Are you wondering why someone else always gets the high paying jobs?

Most beginner models are walking around with amateur photos featuring glamorous makeup, low cut tops, floral print dresses, large hoop earrings and outfits that don't quite fit properly. In other words, most of them have spent a lot of money and/or have put a lot of effort into photo shoots that will ultimately prove to be worthless.

Beware of "TFP" photo shoots, school photographers, "photo day" photographers, student photographers, glamour photographers and the like as the resulting photos will invariably turn out to be too amateurish, too glamorous and/or very rarely in the style needed to qualify you for paying jobs in the real world.Beginning models often convince themselves that by shooting with amateurs they are saving money or they are getting something for nothing but - in reality - amateur looking photos will do you more harm than good.

Your portfolio should sell YOU - not sex, not clothing, not jewelry, not makeup and DEFINITELY not some amateur photographer's concept of what a model should look like.

Make no mistake. If you want to work on a regular basis, you will need to visually prove you can pull it off.

Never Forget: "You are your book" and the last thing you want to be doing on an interview is stuttering, stammering and making excuses for poor images in your portfolio.